Getting Started

If your company is already listed then you will need to claim your listing in order to be able to update and own it

If your not sure if your company is listed CLICK HERE to search the database

For instructions on how to claim your listing CLICK HERE

If your company is not already listed then the easiest way is to add your company to  the directory is to simply click on the + Add Listing button in the top right corner of any page and you will be guided through the listing process

  • Firstly you will need to select a payment plan – for more details on payment plans CLICK HERE
  • You will then be required to enter your company information
    • The name of your company
    • A short description of your company
    • The address of your company
    • The country where the company for this listing operates
    • A contact phone number
    • The website URL
    • Select the primary service category for this listing – for more information regarding the business categories CLICK HERE
    • Select all of the services / features offered or applicable for this company – for more information regarding the services / features CLICK HERE
    • You will then need to enter your email address, select a user name and then submit the listing by clicking on the Save and Preview button
    • After submitting your listing you will receive an email confirming your user name and providing you with a password to log onto your account
    • At the same time your listing will be submitted to the administrators to review and publish
    • If you have selected a PAID plan you will need to log onto your account and make payment via the PayPal payment portal
      • To make a payment click on the Listing Tab in the dashboard, select the relevant listing and click on the green Pay button to initiate the PayPal payment process
      • Your listing will not be published until payment has been received
      • Once payment has been received and your listing has been published you will receive an email confirming both
    • If you have selected a FREE plan you can log onto your account and start managing your listing once your listing has been reviewed and published by the administrators
    • The administrators will review and publish your listing within 24 hours of submitting and receiving payment for PAID listings
  • The last step in the process is to claim your listing. Claiming  your listing verifies that you are the rightful owner / representative of the business and lets you take control of the listing as the platform allows any registered user to create a listing – they don’t have to be the owner or a representative of the business
    • To claim your listing please locate your listing in the database – to search the database CLICK HERE