Do you need help to source, select or manage a third party logistics service provider?

If so you’ve landed in the right spot as I have over 30 years experience sourcing, selecting and managing third party logistics service providers that have delivered 100s of millions of dollars worth of services in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America and Europe.

Let me use my expertise to save you time and money in the following areas:

  • To benchmark your current service providers costs against other third party logistics service providers
  • Undertake a request for quotation (RFQ) process with multiple third party logistics services providers to select the the most suitable service provider for your business . This can include some or all of the following activities:
    • Identifying and shortlisting suitable service providers
    • Preparing a scope of work, collating operational data and developing cost schedule templates for submission to shortlisted candidates
    • Developing a detailed cost model and set of evaluation criteria on order to subjectively compare the costs and functional capability of the shortlisted candidates
    • Undertake due diligence in regards to establishing cultural fit, financial stability and other similar evaluation criteria
    • Undertake contract negotiations including costs and expected service level agreements
    • Project manage the RFQ process and the transition from an existing facility or 3PL to a new site and service provider
  • Establish a robust process for the ongoing management of the 3PL service provider relationship – including meeting schedules , key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard and reporting

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